Friday, April 29, 2011

How to reach to an unknown address in Cairo?

If you are an Egyptian, for sure you have been either a job seeker for at least couple of months or you have worked as a sales rep - yes?

You must have received a phone call to attend an interview at let’s say 12 ABC street in Dokki for example.

How to reach this unknown ABC street?
Well, I have an interesting experience:

First Alternative: Step One: Call 140 (or 02140 from your mobile phone – Except Etisalat)
Step Two: Ask for phone of any pharmacy or supermarket at same street name
Step Three: Contact the pharmacy/supermarket and ask about their address and how to reach them (i.e. notable mark at street or nearest famous building or metro station)

Second Alternative: Simply call the land phone line at your destination (company, etc) and ask about the address.

Going for one of the two alternatives will save your valuable time and energy in Cairo traffic.

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