Friday, July 24, 2015

Studying MBA in Egypt (3-MBA in Practice)

Last 2 posts about MBA highlighted importance of MBA as career investment (1st article) and its courses at GSB AAST (2nd article). Now, it is execution time.

Congratulations! You got your MBA and your spouse was happy plus of course you kids, parents and friends. OK! What about the company you are working for? Your input (that matches mostly your salary increase after MBA) should be seen in action.

Do not fall in stereotype of consultant who knows everything and can teach her/his non-MBA colleagues. This is dangerous approach that lacks basics of communications skills. You have MBA, right? This means you can present and articulate business ideas, plans and projects in way that directly identify business outcome and clear ROI in terms of customer satisfaction, operations costs, employee turnover, technology costs, or sales/marketing optimization (more about sales and marketing optimization here). You should be able to present your ideas, plans and projects in different ways to audiences ranging from junior employees, middle managers, to board of directors or even prime minister.

Communication skills is your most valuable tool especially after getting your MBA certificate.
Regardless of politics, Hosni Mubarak regime has mostly failed to communicate its policies to Egyptian people. The result was repetitive negative media messages and public low satisfaction rates. NDP members themselves were not aware of their government policies and in their private meetings they would be acting as extreme opposition leaders.
The cabinet and other policy firms were not delivering their messages properly to 50% of the Egyptian people: youth segment. The result was what we all seen in January 25 and Thanks to ALLAH that Egypt went now safely with minimum side-effects.

Back to applying MBA in practical work life, it is highly recommended to share your thoughts with your colleagues and subordinates. Also, do not stop getting updated via reading McKinsey Quarterly, Business Weekly, Harvard Business Review, and business sections of major news websites like CNN and NYTimes.
It is vital now to check technology sections as well since technology nowadays plays major role to achieve business goals (Web conferencing as example).

Good luck and I wish you all useful MBA

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