Friday, July 24, 2015

Studying MBA in Egypt (1-Why and Where)

Many people now are applying for MBA: Master of Business Administration. The question is: how to really benefit from MBA for your professional career?
It is essential to realize the MBA's outcome to avoid getting MBS instead of MBA.
MBS stands for Management By Shoes - term used by one of our professors in GSB AAST where I got my MBA. The MBS term refers to the weak implementation of customer service policies and procedures.

First step into getting professional MBA is to understand why MBA enhances your career. MBA doesn't mean being a manager by the way. It means that once you graduate, you will be able to understand the big picture of the business in terms of finance, strategy, marketing, accounting, human resources, and management.

This professional understanding requires professional school or college. I was fortunate to get MBA scholarship at Graduate School of Business at Arab Academy for Science and Technology (GSB AAST). In Alexandria branch, we honored to have professor Sherif Delawar as one of our professors.

I was more than fortunate to have wonderful group of business professionals of different backgrounds and work experiences. This really enriched discussions and case studies.

I prefer weekend groups not weekdays since most of weekday students are juniors funded by their employers. Weekend students are experienced professionals who already have hands-on practical experience. I met students who are professors, business owners, finance directors, medical representatives and more.
My group was extremely fortunate to have key member who was organizing monthly gatherings and outings which helped the entire group to network and enhance our learning curve.Getting MBA is really not just about institution, but it is about the class students as well.

Some universities provide online MBA with remote project discussions, I really do not recommend this. MBA is about real case studies and class interaction with the professors and among students. I also prefer English program since it would enhance business skills at global level especially in managing financial terms.

Now, next post features MBA courses within Arab Academy.

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